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Paul Celmer

IGAAKS in Ninja purple:  Ancient Inuit Sun Visors
Get a New Fashion Take in Durham

Durham based fashion accessory company launches

Durham, NC., February 24th, 2016 - IGAAKS are a modern fashion take on the ancient Inuit sun visor.  The IGAAKS visor diminishes glare in a durable one-piece construction of steel, copper, or brass. Our metal cutting, bending, rough finishing, powder and clear coating are semi-automated.  We finish all products by hand.

IGAAKS have been designed and manufactured in Durham and the Triangle NC for the last five years. 

IGAAKS fashion adds confidence and excitement to the wearer, and a sense of adventure and mystery.  The wearer clearly becomes differentiated from those around them, masked so to speak in a startling modern way.  IGAAKS is a modern fashion take of the ancient Inuit sun and snow visor that maintains its original function to reduce glare while adding the wisdom of the ancients with a sense of adventure and intrigue.

Paul Celmer has been experimenting with various prototypes for over five years. He is planning on moving the product to full production on the international stage.   Paul says that "making the order for Paramount Pictures' prop department to be used in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 movie awhile back was exciting, and we hope to increase our production capacity for a world wide audience."

IGAAKS in recent years have been used widely for

  • raves and music events; used by important and amazing electronica musicians;
  • are often ordered by DJs who are dealing with light shows;
  • loved by those who enjoy masquerading at Mardi Gras, or who delight in dress up and #cosplay (costume play, i.e., Captain Cold, #Bebop);
  • loved by regulars at Burning Man #burningman and those who live and work in the desert;
  • desired by folks who love comics, science fiction and cartoons #comiccon, especially #TMNT2;
  • anyone dealing in snowy environs (we have orders for IGAAKS from today's Inuit communities,
  • or for those who are into winter sports;
  • ideal for enjoying being outside, strolling the beach or relaxing out on the open seas.

IGAAKS have been used by professional photographers, models, professional poker and game players, DJs, musicians, artists in every medium, including in the communal effort known as Burning Man, and purchased as key props or costume elements for television and major film studios, including for use in a new feature film to be released in theaters across the globe early this summer, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2. IGAAKS, all the movie-star poses of sunglasses, but cooler.  

"I see well. The glasses are niiiiice!"- a recent tweet from Gary A. Williams, professional actor who plays the character Bebop in Paramount's new TNMT2 film, talking about how well he can see wearing his prop visors in character.  The IGAAKS model used in the film is the Ice Hunter model in Ninja purple "retro" style.

"I saw IGAAKS last night at the preview for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie!" Ellen Hopkins, FaceBook post.

“Life is about games…I wanna play them all…and try to stay on top of the meta. Cue the Igaaks!.” Janice Kim, professional poker player, Hearthstone player, and consultant at Samarkand, inc.

“Love my Igaaks” Ulorin Vex, professional model

“They are rad! You are a true craftsman! Thank you for your hard work!” Cesar Ortiz, pop culture fanatic.



Mission: IGAAKS creates innovative handcrafted products based on ancient wisdom that change people’s modern-day lives. 

Vision:  Our customers can enjoy life more because our products connect them to the past, boost their confidence, and give them a reason to leave the safety of familiar perspectives.

Our Core Values

We satisfy and delight our customers by offering fashion accessories that offer a sense of adventure and mystery, with clean and simple designs that are elegantly functional.

We provide our customers a sense of confidence and clear differentiation anywhere, in both look and presence.

We manufacture and sell the highest quality artisan products which utilize our own designs, which we seek to constantly improve and innovate.

We work with our customers to improve our products and work to assure the best possible customer support and outcome for national and international sales.

We serve and support our local community of origin, Durham, NC and the Triangle of NC area, as well as global communities.